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PCSOFT covers the full development cycle enabling your teams to develop strategic local, network, internet (.NET,…) or remote applications up to 10 times faster.

Give more time to end-users.

Develop faster.

Reduce time to market.

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Who is WinDev for?
It is for all the developers who want to create Windows, DotNET and Internet applications.

What type of application can I develop?
Any type of application: payroll, industrial, medical, inventory, EDI, CAE, ERP, CRM, EAI, back and front Office, DotNET, Web services, catalogs, etc. There is no limit.

What do I need to know?
You just need to know how to program.

How much time will it take me to come up to speed on WINDEV?
Usually one week is enough for self-training (tutorial provided with the product).

How much time will I save by developing with WINDEV?
Our customers have stated gains of a factor 3 to 10 depending on their previous tool. Maintenance is also much easier and faster.

Do all the modules come standard with the product?
Yes, everything is included, from conception to maintenance, and including testing, all using a similar interface. WINDEV is a complete development environment.

Does WINDEV create .EXE files?
Yes. You can distribute them freely, without paying any royalties, including all the features provided, such as PDF generation for example.

I already have an application. Will I be able to use it with WinDev?
Yes, most certainly, WINDEV supports all the computer standards (languages, databases, protocols, etc.)

I am currently using a 4GL for development. Would these skills be useful?
Yes, and you will appreciate even more the power and ease-of-use of WINDEV.

Can I build Client/Server applications using WINDEV?
Yes, of course, using any of the industry databases.

Can I freely distribute the integrated database?
Yes. Regardless of the number of seats, and regardless of the number of servers.

How powerful is the WINDEV language?
W-Language (it’s its name) is a 5th generation language (5GL), which is simple and very powerful at the same time. The number of lines of code you have to write (or generate) is reduced by up to 90%.

What size development team does WINDEV support?
From one to 50 developers on the same project, on one or several sites.

My application contains a thousand windows, and tables with several million records.
This is common with WINDEV; see the special testimonial issue of “01 Informatique”.

How can you offer such a product for such a low price?
Our high volume sales enables us to keep the price low.

I’ve overheard that technical support is free. Is this true?
Yes, it is free. It can be accessed by e-mail and telephone. Custom assistance programs are also available.

Who uses WINDEV ?
All kinds of professional entities: consulting companies, IS department, lab engineers, government offices, administrations, individual consultants, etc.