Solution since 1994  Our desktop and web applications expertise includes, but is not limited to, the following disciplines: • Accounting modules – General ledger, Accounts receivable, Accounts payable • Human Resource Management • Ferry Ticketing System • Clinical Management System • Travel Solution Management • Billiard Management System • E-commerce • Point-of-sales Solution • Handphone Marketing System •  Order processing, invoicing, shipping system, Sales analysis integration • Warehouse management, purchasing, inventory control •  Production Floor Tracking System • Customer service, HelpDesk, task tracking, work center management• Automated fax solutions • Office automation, document storage and retreival • MLM Solutions • Consultancy and implementation  services 

E-commerce, Web-based & Mobile solutions We have demonstrated our commitment by delivering powerful Web-related modules that provide customers with the information to conduct business operations via the internet. We are able to do it at a short period of time using powerful rapid development tools.

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Developer Advantages
WINDEV entirely suits the developer’s habits.
It’s aim is to allow the developer to perform all requested processes in an efficient way

Customer Advantages
The Manager who plans to develop a software with WINDEV is assured that the project will meet the deadline. It’s company will save a lot of money during both the development phase and the maintenance phase.
The user satisfaction will generate a high profitability.
• Security of software released all over the world
• Faster development phase
• Best value for money
• New development requests easily complied with
• Implementation of requested processes
• Environment security

Develop with WINDEV: the security of environments that enable your projects to meet the deadline.

You are asked to develop Windows and Internet applications that are reliable, robust, opened and high-performance, and you have to do it under tight deadlines. High performance, increase your team’s productivity by using the new version of WINDEV.

All the tools and modules described in the online brochure come standard with the product. Everything is totally integrated, the editors share a common interface, the learning curve is very low – usally one week is all it takes:
listen to your logical side, it’s cost effective. Of course, you can decide to only use some of the modules that are provided

With WinDev, your development teams will build applications that exactly match your requirements, in time frames you wouldn’t have dreamed about. For more information, view the online brochure.